I'm the owner of a marine business

I would like to add my marine business listing or claim my existing business listing for free so BoaterRated can help me get the word out about my business. I would like the opportunity to have my customers post reviews and referrals, post events, and participate on the Virtual Dockside™. I know the best way to grow my business is through objective customer referrals.


Create a BoaterRated user account. Click the Sign up link. You can either fill out the registration form or choose the Facebook Connect option to connect using an existing Facebook account. Sign up today and you'll be logged on to the Virtual Dockside™ and can then customize your personal information. You can upload a profile photo (perhaps a photo of you, or your logo) and answer some of the boating-related profile questions to allow other members an opportunity to know you better.


Click the Find a Business button on the black menu bar, then enter the name of your business in the Business Name box and click Search.


Did you find your business? If so, great! Click on the listing and then click the Own this Business? button. Fill out the form or edit anything you like and submit it. You'll receive an email confirmation as soon as your request has been processed. Didn't find your business? No problem. Just click on Add a Business in the black menu bar. Fill in the information for your business and check the box next to Yes, I want to claim this business just above the map. (Don't post a review for your own business, since reviews should only be posted by your customers). You'll receive an email confirmation when your listing has been processed.


Once you've claimed your business listing, you are eligible to enroll in and obtain the benefits of the BoaterRated Partner Business Program by placing the Partner Business badge on your website. Use the Contact Us button or email us at info@boaterrated.com and we'll send you the artwork and code for your web administrator. When your customers click on the badge, they'll be linked directly to your business listing on BoaterRated. You'll also receive a notification when someone posts a review about your business.


Start sending your customers to BoaterRated's Virtual Dockside to read and write objective reviews about your service! Successful businesses grow through customer referrals!!

That's it! Start collecting reviews now! Sign up now!!