Event detail for Newport Beach Boat Parade

Newport Beach Boat Parade

Category: Festivals & Fairs
When: December 19 6:30 pm-December 23 9:00 pm
Where: Newport Beach, CA
Harbor Area
How: [ Event Site ]
Cost: Free
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The 10th Annual Newport Beach Christmas is Newport Beach's Christmas Card to the world! The festive boat parade sets the harbor ablaze for five consecutive nights, beginning Wednesday, December 19 and ending Sunday, December 23, 2012. The boat parade starts off Bay Island at 6:30 pm and finishes at the same site at approximately 9:00 pm each evening. There's a fireworks display on December 23 starting at 9pm. Don't miss this wonderful holiday event if you're in the area. If you have a chance to attend, be sure to come back to this page and leave your review of the parade below!
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