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Outboard Services / Outboard Service - All Brands
St. Lucie County, FL
St. Lucie County

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Certified mechanic, over 30 years of experience. All makes and models. Other boat repairs and services too.
Certified mechanic, over 30 years of experience. All makes and models. Other boat repairs and services too.
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5 Star Rating
November 3, 2013

JJ repairs and maintains our fleet of 11 power boats at the US Sailing Center. JJ knows how to repair things that other mechanics won't touch except to replace with new parts, as a result he saves us thousands of dollars over time between all our boats by not spending big dollars on unnecessary replacement parts. When JJ does not know how to do repair something, he does not waste our time and money trying to do a repair that is outside of his experience, but then with a little research on his own time, he always comes back with a way to successfully fix our problems. JJ is a gem. I hesitate to share this as I don't want him to get so busy that he can't continue to help us, but JJ is a great mechanic.

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July 8, 2013

I've had JJ attend to my Dusky for over 20 years. I would arrive at my Keys condo and the boat would be ready to hit the reef for some all-day trolling.
I recommend his services.

John Maillard
New Jersey

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5 Star Rating
January 23, 2013

At the recommendation of the folks at the USSailing Center of Martin County, where JJ maintains a number of outboard engines, I had him come and give my Suzuki its 200 hour service. It took a while to use the boat thereafter, and once I did it didn't work perfectly, which kinda gave me a bad taste. I called JJ, and he made an effort to come by and make sure things were right. Fortunately, it was only a connection that was causing one (of six) cylinders not to fire, but he found it quickly, hooked everything up right, we went for a ride and all is purring smoothly. If you're looking for a mobile mechanic in his area, give him a call and he'll work with you. I'll call him again. Full disclosure - this reviewer is a principal of

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