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Marine Electronics / Navigation

2908 Industrial 33rd Street
Fort Pierce, FL 34946
St Lucie County
(772) 370-3857

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G T Marine offers marine electronics services in the Treasure Coast. G T Marine is located in Fort Pierce, FL and installs Satellite Equipment, Marine Radios, Radars, GPS, Marine Electronics, Marine Communication Equipment, Audio, and Antennas.
G T Marine offers marine electronics services in the Treasure Coast. G T Marine is located in Fort Pierce, FL and installs Satellite Equipment, Marine Radios, Radars, GPS, Marine Electronics, Marine Communication Equipment, Audio, and Antennas.
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July 14, 2011

This is a negative review, so if you're not into negativity, you can skip this one.

We are full-time cruisers, ashore in Riverside Marina, Ft. Pierce, on which more in a later review. We are in the middle of a very extensive bottom refit (very long story, but you could check our log pages at if you'd like to know the details).

We have a new transducer for a Raymarine fishfinder which replaced a three-generations older unit. This is the first time in several years we've been out of the water, and we will need to make the replacement of the current transponder (which doesn't really speak the language of the new unit) happen very soon.

Our original referral source for this pretty-straightforward job totally failed us; worse, it took months of believing him to finally give up on him.

So, we asked around and got a good recommendation for Grant, at GT Marine Specialists. He's also on the list of approved and certified installers with Raymarine. We called him...

Of course, I laid out what was needed (not very challenging - I just don't have the proper pigtail to tie into my transducer leads, to connect to the fishfinder, in order to test it out, and then install it after proving good), and our impending splashing, so he is aware of our urgency and simplicity. He said he was busy, but would come out on Thursday, next week.

Wonder of wonders, he shows - but doesn't have the right pigtail. "I have something which will work at the office (a few miles away) - I'll be right back."

I suspect you can guess what comes next. Not a glimmer of view of him since, now several weeks.

Followup phone calls to both his cell and business number go straight to voice mail (after an appropriate ringing period to allow him to see my number). Suspicious that he's now avoiding me, I have a friend call him from his phone to see about some minor work on HIS boat, right after one set of my leaving messages on both of his numbers.

Surprise. He answers the phone! Promises to come out to see the other guy, noting that he's working in Riverside Marina with another boat (that would be us), but not sure he'll be able to meet our time line.

As it's hearsay, I'll not repeat the other's experience, other than to say he never showed for him, either.

Another set of messages, a day later, asking him to PLEASE call me if he can't do the work get the same response - which is to say, nothing.


As we MUST prove out the new transducer (to be working with our fishfinder) before we leave here, the next haulout being in the unknown distant future, and, thus, if not properly interfacing to the fishfinder, a several hundred dollar useless weight aboard, both he and the one in another review have been aware of our time constraints. You'd think, if only out of human compassion, that if he CAN'T do the job, or do it timely, he'd at least let us know...

I have no real clue if this is now the norm in the marine electronics field, but he and another Raymarine-referred contacts have now left me hanging, by an increasingly short thread, as time marches on, as does our work, after which we'll splash.

Caveat Emptor if you elect to try GT Marine Specialists (Grant, last name unknown), both referred to us by people in the yard and Raymarine, but miserably abusing the privilege. If they can't do the work, at least let us know, if not refer us to someone who can...


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