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Marinas and Boatyards / Other

2051 Griffin Rd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
Broward County
(954) 963-2660

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Thunderboat Marina is a marine business in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Thunderboat Marina provides marine services in the area of Marinas and Boatyards Other.
Thunderboat Marina is a marine business in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Thunderboat Marina provides marine services in the area of Marinas and Boatyards Other.
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Alachua County

1 Star Rating
August 6, 2014

My experience with dry storage at this marina has been below average. Sales pitch is convincing but after some time it becomes apparent that facility just meets the minimum standards, wash racks and parking are scarce, launching area is exposed to dangerously strong currents, channel access is shallow on low tide, security is lacking and there have been thefts, mistreated staff doesn't show up for work leaving your boat stranded for days, customer service is very poor. The only positive is that it's relatively cheap but you get what you pay for applies here.

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5 Star Rating
January 20, 2013

This marina has it all. Wet storage, covered dry rack storage, trailer storage, free ice, restrooms and a very professional and friendly staff.
No charge for launches or retrievals, even to the work racks. Want to the work yourself? No charge and no problem. Fueling the boat? They will do it for you and charge your CC. Need local advice on the tides and and currents? The dock and fork lift staff are tops. They even helped me with getting under the bridge and docking the boat, with great advice and a hands on lesson.
The office staff is friendly and professional; the location is convenient; and the whole business is secured and locked. Need 24 hour acesss? No problem, they give you your own security code to open gate. Need service, they are Merc and Yamaha certified with reasonable rates. They will retrieve your boat, perform the required service and place it back in the rack at no extra charges.
Great team, great people, great marina.

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