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Inboard Engine Services / Sterndrives

4140 N Crogan St
Port Clinton, OH 43452
Ottawa County

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Dubberts Professional Outdrive Services Inc is a marine business specializing in Inboard Engine Services.
Dubberts Professional Outdrive Services Inc is a marine business specializing in Inboard Engine Services.
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Pinellas County

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July 10, 2016

First off I'd like to say this is one of the cleanest, most professional looking facilities I've ever visited.
I hope you’ll take the time to read this account before visiting this dealer for service.
What started out as a pleasant experience, quickly changed. Took my boat in for service when it quit running after idling at the dock for 15 minutes. Initially the tech (I think his name was Josh) diagnosed that it was struck by lightning and this was agreed by Jimmy JR. After contacting my insurance company to start a claim I spoke again with Josh and he changed his evaluation since it idled perfectly for 15 minutes. A day later he quit the company because of some internal dispute and I was dealing with Jimmy JR. When discussing the tech’s second decision with Jimmy (JR) Dubbert he blew up and started yelling at ME indicating that Josh was stirring up trouble. Unsure what to do at this point, I let the insurance company make the final decision which they felt was destruction by static electricity, no indication of a direct strike. The recommendation from Jimmy was to buy a new engine rather than repair this engine due to possible damage that would show up later.
This is where everything began to go sour. Everything from the initial pricing to the completed job took a number of turns. After the installation of the new engine they determined that the gauges needed to be replaced due to incompatibility (Yamaha advertises these gauges are compatible), so Jimmy did me a "favor" and sold them to me at his cost of $900. I could have bought them myself from Naples Boat Mart for $716 including shipping and no tax. Upon delivery and after talking with Yamaha customer service I found out that all they had to do was install an adapter harness. A few days after I received the boat back I find that the water pressure gauge was never hooked up. Contacting Jimmy, he told me that water pressure was indicated on the new gauge set up. WRONG, it only works if you purchase an optional sender for $100+. Contacting Jimmy again I was able to acquire the connector for the original mechanical water pressure gauge, installed it myself and it works perfectly unlike what I was told. Jimmy said there was no port in the block for water pressure then later told me the threads were the wrong size. Next issue, I have a dual battery system, starting battery and a accessory battery. Yamaha provides for charging both batteries using the internal isolator. Instead of hooking up the accessory battery to the isolator circuit like it was on the old engine, they chose to hook it up to the starter basically running both batteries in parallel which defeats the purpose of isolating the 2 batteries. If one dies they both die. The propeller that was used on the old engine turned out to be the wrong pitch by 4” for the new engine. And Jimmy said it would work. All it did was fit the shaft.
After numerous conversations with Jimmy he tells me that he wishes he had never done this deal (again blowing up at me) complaining that he's upside down on the sale. I never tried to negotiate a "better deal" I just agreed to the price he originally offered. He doesn't give customers the respect they deserve.
I personally don't think the engine was ever hit by lightning since it started and idled for 15 minutes the morning the initial problem occurred (Josh was later in agreement but no longer worked there). Now that I've had time to think about all the events I think I could have just had my old engine repaired at a substantial savings.
I think Jimmy has a personal problem since you never if he's going to back up his original offer or start yelling at you when you have a question or concern. I believe this "professional" company that his mom and dad worked so hard to build will be one of those second generation companies that goes down the tubes. What a shame, Jim SR was much better to deal with.
The service department seems to be a revolving door of service tech's. They're always running an ad for new tech's and I don't think they're adequately trained. I think their interest is just getting your re-power out the door whether the job is completed correctly or not. Not sure how they got a 5 star certification from Yamaha but they certainly don’t deserve it.

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