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Instruction / Schools / USCG Captain's License Training

3490 US Route One., Building #19
Princeton, NJ, NJ 08540
Mercer County
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All of our courses are Coast Guard approved and offered in an online format. So, the idea is anytime anywhere learning. You go at your own pace and set the times you wish to learn. The OUPV/Six-pack and the Master License course is being offered at a discount. These course costs include all course materials and supplies including yo...
All of our courses are Coast Guard approved and offered in an online format.
So, the idea is anytime anywhere learning. You go at your own pace and set
the times you wish to learn.

The OUPV/Six-pack and the Master License course is being offered
at a discount. These course costs include all
course materials and supplies including your text books and plotting tools.

For either license you are required to have a minimum of 360 days experience
on the water with 90 of those days being done in the last three years. Four
hours on the water counts as one day and in 24 hours you can claim just one
day. For a near Coastal OUPV/Six-pack license the 90 days would need to be
done outside the boundary lines. For a near Coastal Master License you would
need 720 days experience with 360 of those days being done outside the
boundary line. In the event that you do not currently have the required time
our Coast Guard approval allows you one year to complete our course and an
additional year to meet the time requirements. So it is not unusual that a
client begin taking the course prior to having the necessary time on the
water. This is basically an honor system where you make a best guess at the
time you spent on the water. This information is recorded on a Sea Service
form which we provide when you enroll for one of our courses.

Testing is a two step process where you complete an online exam for each
module. Once you have passed the module exams you are now qualified to take
a proctored exam in one of our approved locations. Once you pass this
proctored exam you are mailed a certificate of completion which the Coast
Guard will accept in lieu of taking their exam. You would be required to
test in one of our approved testing centers or a Coast Guard Regional Exam

You can get complete details about the differences between the licenses and
the specific requirements. Please go to here you can
review each license and also view a live demo which will give you access to
an actual online classroom course. Once here you can listen to a lecture,
read the course materials, watch a training video and take a quiz. This demo
was built to give you the ability of determining if online learning is for
you. All course materials, plotting tools, and testing fee\'s are include in
the course cost. Once you complete the course you have an additional year to
meet the additional requirements.

Once you review our website you can call our office toll free at
1-866-SEA-CAPT or 609 987-0555 to speak directly with one of our staff
members. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and receive
some guidance on the licensing process.

I hope to be able to add your name to a long list of Captain's who have used
Mariners School to earn their license.
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Eric Cook
Weld County

4 Star Rating
May 19, 2015

I Passed my OUPV test on the first try. Primarily I used the on line study materials via I phone when I was on break at work . Most of the test material was covered in the on line class materials. I used the printed study material on the weekends.The plotting instruction on CD, and on line were easy to follow and understand. I'm confident that I can put this newly learned skill to practical use. A few more practice test questions would have been helpful. I did not ace the test, but a pass is a pass. this course was worth the money.

Capt .E.W.Cook

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Wood County

4 Star Rating
August 20, 2014

Well thought out course. Well presented. Great online system. I was impressed with the amount of information it contained. You must be self motivated, and have a decent amount of sea experience to understand the material without someone to answer your questions. Study well for the test. Ensure you understand the material. It is not a gimme, I will continue to use MLS.

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1 Star Rating
September 7, 2012

I do not care for the course. It's very challenging. I really wish I chose taking the course locally. Its very hard to sit in front of a computer and basically understand everything your self. The material you have to remember for final exams is crazy. Be careful when you do take your final exams if you fail 1 3 times you have to 45 days and come back and retake all test even the ones you previously passed, wasted time. If you can handle sitting in front of computer and take it in go for, I think I would have had a better, easier expierience in a class room. Like previous review its not for everyone.

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4 Star Rating
May 27, 2011

When I was searching for an online Captain's License course, I came across Mariners' at the boat show. I took the full OUVP course and found it extremely challenging. Since I was working full-time, I wasn't able to attend a regular class. Mariners' Learning allowed me to study, take quizzes, exams at my own pace. It's not for everyone, but it's sure great for computer-based mariners, boaters, sailors or cruisers.

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4 Star Rating
May 17, 2011

"Thank you for providing such a well-thought-out online class. The class website, videos, books, and practice tests completely prepared me for the proctored exam. I took the four-hour test feeling confidant that I not only knew the answers, I understood the process of how to obtain the answers. Set and Drift were the hardest part of the class for me, but your class explained it in detail. They say, "repetition is the mother of skill," and I repeated many sections of the coursework until I mastered it. In addition, your online instructors always answered my questions completely, competently and within one day. When I took the proctored exam, I used the full four hours to complete the test and I passed it the first time. I will recommend your online course to anyone at my marina who asks me about becoming a USCG licensed Captain.”

Capt. Gene Renaker

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